Ignancio Melero, University of Navarra, ESP
Ignacio Melero

Ignacio Melero earned an MD degree from the University of Navarra School of Medicine (1988) and was trained as a resident in clinical immunology at Hospital de la Princesa (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid). He also attained a PhD degree working with Dr. Miguel Lopez-Botet pioneering the characterization of NK cell inhibitory receptors (KIRs) In 1994 he moved to Seattle (USA) where he worked on tumor immunology and immunotherapy, studying T cell ignorance of tumor antigens and the role of T-cell costimulation in mouse models of cancer. His studies of that time on CD137-mediated co-stimulation of curative antitumor immune responses have received much attention by the immunotherapy of cancer community and have resulted in therapeutic agents undergoing phase II clinical trials. Since 1998 he returned to Navarra University where he works at the Clinica Universitaria and at the investigation centre CIMA. His current areas of research are focused on from bench to bed side translational research with cell, gene and monoclonal antibody-mediated strategies of immunotherapy for cancer.

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