Monday 15 June

Biomarker development for Cancer Immuno-Oncology/Immuno-Therapy:
Simultaneous Digital Counting of Nucleic-Acids and Proteins at 800-plex

Dr. Joseph Beechem

Presenter: Dr. Joseph Beechem

The ability of mutated cells to give rise to pathological cancer relies upon the capability of these cells to interact with the immune system and ultimately evade immune recognition, suppress immune activity, and persist in a chronically inflamed environment. 

NanoString has developed an all-digital cancer immune-profiling technology that simultaneously measures 770 mRNA’s (unique signatures for 24 infiltrating immune cell types plus extensive immune-signaling pathways) plus 30 key IO proteins (including PD-1, PD-L1, PD-L2, CTLA4, OX40) using small amounts of clinically relevant samples (~ 50,000 PBMCs for mRNA+protein, 1 or 2, 5um slices for mRNA alone). 

This technology is forming the basis for multi-year collaborations between NanoString and both MD Anderson (Houston TX) and the Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network (CITN) to discover unique multi-analyte-type (mRNA + protein) biomarker signatures to guide cancer immunotherapy. This technology is being expanded to work on multi-analyte detection completely from FFPE slices.

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